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angadi theru

angadi theru
Angadi Theru is the story on the lives of a salesgirl and sales boy of a popular saree store in T. Nagar , Chennai. Angadi Theru express day-to-day problems of these sales persons, their humiliations and need to resist such cruelties of their bosses have been distinctly presented.

Angadi theru about the sordid life forced upon two youngsters from a remote south Tamil Nadu village who are brought to Chennai city to work as counter sales people in swanky textile malls of Ranganathan Street and exploited by their employers. Mahesh who is a plus two topper is forced by the circumstances to take up a sales man job in a mall in Chennai. Anjali is also employed at the same shop. The jobs are low paying and they live in inhuman conditions provided by their exploiting mall owners. Amidst the conditions they fall in love which irks the mean management and they fight it out. The exploiting conditions in the mall don’t give way to peaceful existence and the try to start a new life out of the mall but end up ordinarily. While telling the story of lovers, Vasanthabalan also unveils the pathetic life conditions of poor young people from remote villages who are brought to city in promise of good job and then exploited by the poor blood sucking management.


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